she/her - 21yo - italy - sapphic - june 13thhi i like drawing anime girls ^_^

When my commissions are open I will state so in my bio and make a post about it! Here’s the price list


  • i mainly post my rwby art, but expect other fanart from media i like

  • i like drawing blake with a tan skin color so if you don’t like that don’t waste your time commenting rude things cuz I’m gonna block you lol

  • PLEASE don’t make nsfw comments about ruby under my art it makes me rly uncomfortable and it’s just weird in general

  • i am against proshipping so if youre one of those people who likes shipping incest/big age gap and is into lolishota content i’d prefer you do not follow me. thanks!

ships i like

i multiship a lot (mainly wlw), these are the main rwby ships you’ll see me draw

  • bumbleby

  • freezerburn

  • ladybug

  • nordic winter

  • gemstones

  • digital clock (penny x ciel)